Monday, April 23, 2007

Venture Bros ,LOST?

Whats up with The Venture Bros? had to track down some info on the long awaited VB 3rd season,heres what creator Christopher McCulloch had to say on his Jackson Public blog(linky):
The bad news about production is you won't be seeing any new episodes until probably this time next year, since we won't start getting them back from Korea until around the first of the year or so. Such is the nature of traditional cel animation. We did experiment with concocting a super-hurry-up production schedule that would enable us to air the first four episodes of Season 3 in December, but that proved pointless because we would end up with a frustrating, Lost-like scenario wherein the season would be broken up by a three month hiatus, just when it was getting interesting (unlike Lost). Also, I've been informed that nobody really watches much TV in December and the ratings suck
In the mean time Season 2 is now out! Grab yourself a copy.The Venture Bros. - Season Two
(season 1 linky!)

Check out rejected -JP exclusive-Season 2 DVD Box art.

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