Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Miller's Ronin set to "stomp" the big screen

After turning 300 into a hit WB has optioned the rights to Frank Miller's "Ronin", to turn into a live action feature.
Ronin" will be shot in a fashion similar to that employed for "300," in which blue- and green-screen lensing was done on a Montreal soundstage to create an ancient Greece battleground for a $65 million film. Costs are comparable for "Ronin," making the film a big step up for White, who graduated from directing videos to helming the film "Stomp the Yard" at a cost of around $14 million.

Ronin is a graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley in which a ronin is re-incarnated in a dystopic near-future New York. The six-issue work shows some of the strongest influences of manga on Miller's style, both in the artwork and narrative style

Stomp the yard huh? Well this should be absolutely fantastic then.

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