Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Odin Sphere is hot. Ya gotta play that shit

Crazy review I came across, I roflol'ed.

At first I thought this game would be wack. I actually played it and it turned out to be good. I was thinking about getting Dawn of Mana and whatnot, but everyone kept on saying it was wack.

Odin Sphere is hot. Ya gotta play that shit. I think this is like the last action adventure, RPG that's gonna be released for the PS2. Just play it. You will see what im talking about. This game ain't easy either son. They OD'ed on the difficulty on this bitch. Im over here with like 400 HP some fucking small lizard whips me with a tail and I die! WTF is that? Nonsense. This game is not for lil kids. lol

(continued below...)

Graphics - 8
Gameplay - 8
Difficulty - 10
Story - 9
Sound and Music - 8

The Pros and Cons...
The good thing about this game is the item synthesize. YOu gonna be making shit all the time to survive. The games difficulty is up to par. For ya people saying shit is easy. Try this game out. You gonna be slamming the control. Theres also 5 main characters with their own set of moves, and the graphics are good. Some new 2d with 3d shit, but looks very good.

The bad shit about this game is that they should have put more combos up in this bitch. You get tired of doing the same shit over and over. The game can be a lil to hard sometimes. Motherfuckers take to much life yo! You gonna be changing and going through your inventory alot. For ya dudes who smokes blunts and play games. Don't do it with this one. You gonna get a headache lol.
Also when you're fighting mad dudes that's when the fights get better, but it tends to slows down at times.
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