Sunday, June 10, 2007

Geek lit: A Summer Reading List

JED REINERT lines up a geek summer reading list in Culture Shock column, check it out.Full text after the jump.

1."The Algebraist" — Iain M. Banks (2005)."... a sprawling space opera...."
2."American Gods" — Neil Gaiman "What happens to gods when people stop believing in them?"
3."Gun, With Occasional Music" — Jonathan Lethem "...a clever update of the classic noir..."

4.Idoru" — William Gibson "...this one plays interestingly with the concept of an artificially generated pop star."
5."Snow Crash" — Neal Stephenson "Another seminal cyberpunk work...."
6."Red Mars," "Green Mars" and "Blue Mars" — Kim Stanley Robinson "There are several great steampunk works any sci-fi fan ought to read..."
7.H.P. Lovecraft "...a master of American horror."


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