Sunday, June 17, 2007

Movie Review : Frostbite (Frostbiten) (2006)

The Plot

There is SOMETHING hunting in the night…

And it will soon be very clear to everyone involved that when the world around you disappears into a maelstrom of snow, ice and blood, the last thing you want to hear is that there’s more than a month till dawn…

(The thing that drew me to check out Frostbiten was its premise.Vampires.30 days of night.Sign me up! At first glance it bears a striking resemblance to the plot of the Vamp graphic novel (& upcoming film) '30 Days of Night'.But from what Ive seen of 30 Days, it seems to be a very different film, so I'll skip the needless comparisons.)

I'll start off by saying,Frostbiten is a pretty enjoyable film. Although the movie has its share of "serious" moments, at its core its a really refreshing take on the vampire genre. Think ,a low-budget Shaun of the Dead/ or a more refined take on Peter Jackson's early schlock-horror movies. There are some true laugh out loud moments and other less entertaining, more "serious" ones that while interesting, would have worked much better with a bigger budget (Heres hoping for a sequel.) I hope all this "budget" talk dosent deter you, the films FX work quite well, and only enhance the film. Color me impressed. I dont want to take away from any of the amazing scenes that really make this movie, so I wont spoil the tinniest detail here. But if you think you might enjoy the film based on the review, definitely check it out.

+Competent acting
+An attractive young lead
+Good FX

-Ambitious Film, somewhat limited by its budget
-Not a real "frightening" horror movie

Overall: B-

p.s. watch this space for a link to pre-order the movie, if youre intrested.
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