Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Videogame Podcasts/Favorites

I have a hard time finding podcasts that
A) Are about something I'm interested in
B) Are listenable

Mainly I've gotten it down to a few videogame podcasts, I cant really listen to the uber popular VG podcasts, such as joystiq, giantbomb, etc. Too many people talking over each other and the hosts' personalities dont really come through when that happens. Here the ones I recommend.

1) The CAGcast aka the Podcast (A videogame deals website)
2) Call of Podcast a general gaming podcast hosted by two dudes who really love gaming
3) Sanctuary 4 Gamers Podcast (on temporary hiatus as of this writing) They have had some outstanding interviews with industry people, I'd recommend tracking down the CheapyD, Dan Hsu & Nelson Rodriguez interview episodes.

Podcasts above all have a good sense of humor about themselves, and they're all kind of interrelated. For starters they each have a cohost living in japan, Cagcast & Callofpodcast are US/JPN Sanctuary4Gamers is UK/JPN. Also I found CallofPodcast while browsing CAG (cheapassgamer/cagcast) and found out about Sanctuary 4 Gamers when they interviewed one of the hosts of the cagcast, CheapyD. Anyway check them out if you're looking for some VG podcasts to listen to.


Crazyfruitbat said...

Cheers for the review!

It's hard to find new material for podcasts these days - its all the same from one to the other. I hadn't heard of Call of Podcast, I'll give them a listen.

Chris (sanctuary4gamers podcast)

Tankzilla said...

You would now, judging by your guests between the two of you there's a lot of podcast listening going on. Looking forward to the return of the show.

Count Elmdor said...

Hey, we appreciate the shout out! We basically set out to just have the normal sorts of conversations we would anyway, and just get some mics on it. Back when we were both living in Japan we'd usually get a burger at a favorite local place on weekends and have these conversations, and that's kind of the root of Call Of Podcast.