Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fearsome Pimpz Guild

Valkyria Chronicles II

I was surprised to see I'd already sunk 10 hours into this. It's good, works well on the psp. I have no problems whatsoever with the controls besides the fact that my analog nub is kinda busted and tends to wander (making me lose AP in combat.) Story so far is so-so and almost kind of optional. VCI definetly had a stronger story, so far at least. Im giving it a chance since the original's story actually managed to surprise me.

I beat Minecraft.

Also been playing a little Deus Ex- Dont know how much longer I'll keep playing this, it hasnt aged well. Plus I still have to play The Witcher, which looks awesome.

Also been trying out some card games, Zombie Fluxx (It's ok, maybe better with more than 2 people) and MTG (still learning the f'n rules!) Sidenote; need epic nerd dice.

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