Thursday, December 29, 2011

Videogames 2011 Volty Awards

Volt1up GOTY Award: Dead Island (Best use of Zombies in a videogame)
GOTY Runner Up: Saints Row 3 (underrated writing, it's not easy being funny, and it's not lazy)
Best game that didn't make the cut: Skyrim (burnout factor)
Best Co-op game of 2011: Dead Island (Coop is really polished)
Best Comfort Game of 2011: Uncharted 3 (It's fun to go back to that world)
Favorite Ending in a Videogame in 2011: Killzone 3 (You destroy a fucking planet)
Biggest Disappointment of 2011: Killzone 3 (you did it, 2 voltys for you)
Best non 2011 game played in 2011: OZ Confidential
Worst ending in a videogame 2011: Hunted: Demon’s Forge ( I got the bad ending and it sucks dick)
Best Videogame trend of 2011: All the Pay What You Want Indie Bundles

Check out a proper best of 2011 videogame list on Call of Podcast also a neat discussion on videogame AI

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