Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Live out your Hogwarts Fantasy for a mere $15mill.

They build castles in Massachusets now? Hit the jump for the full artcile on this beut, below a few choice quotes from the article.
"People who have everything else want to own a castle at least once in their lives," said Denis Burrus, a sales agent for de Rham Sotheby's International Realty who sells castles in Switzerland. "It shows that they've achieved something in their lives."

"It's tough to go home when you spend your whole day working in a castle," said Michael Gould, who teaches French and Italian at John Dewey. His office is round, a carved-out nook in one of the building's seven towers.

There isn't a moat, but the seven-floor castle has a dungeon...

LOL.You had me at dungeon.
check out the full story Linky!

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