Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monsters & Robots for Charity

Although not available for the time being due to these guys being swamped with requests, keep an eye on this site for when they are able to resume.
RobotsandMonsters.org is an effort by myself, Joe Alterio,to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Marathon that my girlfriend Molly and myself will be running in on July 29th. As a part of our fundraising efforts, I've put together this site in an effort to trade orignal commisioned art for donations to a good cause. Everybody wins.

Thats is,You get the original piece of art, 6" x 6", signed, of a robot or monster or both (your choice), as defined by three words you provide, like "Green, tenctale, airplane." or "Tiny, hotdog, blue". An image of one robot or monster is 25 bucks, a picture of 2 things, either robot or monster, is 40. Your art will be drawn as per your specifications and mailed in a flat mailer to your address.


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