Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review Aphelion: Graves of Earth/Lunatic Studios/Xbox Indie Game

     I picked up Aphelion: Graves of Earth back during the Indie Games Winter Uprising event (I recommend you check them out) and only recently after finishing DA2 did I get an urge to play it. I like to get into the minutia of RPGs and Dragon Age just didn't have it. Aphelion scratches that JRPG grinding/looting/upgrading itch, all for 240msp. Here are some quick thoughts:


  • Robust RPG features (Grinding/Leveling/Crafting) for the money*
  • Cheap!
  • Sci-Fi setting
  • Not a JRPG
  • Rewarded for Exploring (treasure chests/loot)
  • Some memorable boss encounters
  • The Art-style


  • Abrupt ending (You need to understand this Ep1, Ep2 is already out though)
  • Spiritually a JRPG:Random Battles/Typical Heroes
  • The indoor tile-set/ environments can look a little too similar, resulting in some disorientation
*The leveling system is pretty neat, it's like something out Mass Effect where you unlock certain powers when you put certain amount of points towards a skill. Simple but deep.

Verdict: Buy it! 

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