Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Xbox Live Indie Games; There's even an MMO

     I've been picking up some XBLIG here and there, mostly stuff that catches my eye and is $1. There's a ton of stuff on there I didn't even know about, such as episodic games, FPS titles, Space sims. I mostly stick to the quick time wasters, avatar games, and some RPGs that cuaght my eye. For the really intresting stuff I'll really splurge ($3 bucks) although I think they can go as high as $5. Here's some helpful links that will make finding the interesting stuff easier. Get a cool game for >$5 and help out an indie dev.

XBLIG of the Week/(Indie Game of the week via DEALSPWN
Writting of Mass Destruction/(Trying a new indie game a day
Kobun's Xbox Live Indie Game Page /(XBLIG Reviews)

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